LT-LMS (Lubricant Management System)

Simple, stackable and easy storage meets solid contamination control practices in a unique design with the Des-Case LT-Series Lubricant Management System (LT-LMS).

Dedicated filtration per container ensures no cross-contamination of fluids, while disposable desiccant breathers prevent dirt and water ingression.

These all-in-one systems are completely customisable− offering various flow rates, container sizes, quick connect fittings, and accessories. And even better yet, these systems are easy to use and install . . . simply plug it in!

LT-LMS Lubricant Management System
  • Automatic pressure relief valve
  • Dedicated pump and motor per tank
  • Desiccant breathers with adapter kits for tanks
  • Heavy-duty stand
  • 12" hose assemblies with various hose-end connections
  • One-year warranty
  • Industrial powder-coated paint
  • Storing lubricant
  • Dispensing new oil
  • Pre-filtering new oil
  • Collecting oil samples for analysis

Operating temperatures : -40°C to 66°C

Materials :

  • Stand : Carbon steel
  • Paint : Industrial powder coat
  • Filter heads : Aluminum
  • Fittings : Brass and/zinc plated steel
  • Pumps : Aluminum/Steel
  • Hoses : Clear PVC with steel wire

Filter indicators : Indicator pops at 22 psid (1.55 bar) as warning that filter elements need to be replaced

Pump relief : opens at 65 psi (5,490 mbar)

Viscosity range : up to ISO VG 680 at 38°C (3000ssu/648cSt)

Replacement Filter Element Part Numbers

EFC-AF 3-micron Filter Element
EFC-BF 6-micron Filter Element
EFC-CF 12-micron Filter Element
EFC-DF 25-micron Filter Element
EFC-JF Water Adsorption Filter Element

Elements are sold in cases of six and can be mixed and matched.