With the new and improved oil sight glass (OSG), our engineers reimagined how an oil sight glass plays a critical role in early detection of contamination and allows for constant monitoring of what’s in your oil that can decrease equipment life. Users have an immediate, crystal-clear visual inspection of the oil and a magnified view of the presence of sediment, thanks to an innovative white bottom design. The new OSG has the versatility to be installed vertically or horizontally to a drain port depending on space needs for the application. With the addition of indication marks on the side of the bottle, you can now quickly and easily monitor the rate of water accumulation.

Oil Sight Glasses

Did You Know…

Maintaining clean oil

Particle contamination is responsible for as much as 80% of machine wear?

Moisture contamination

Less than 0.5% of a plant’s maintenance budget is spent purchasing lubricants, but the downstream effects of poor lubrication can impact as much as 30% of a plant’s total maintenance cost each year.

Particle Contamination

60-80% of all lubrication related failures are due to contamination?


Oil Visibility
The view is crystal clear and now you can inspect your oil from the top of the sight glass.

Extremely Durable
The inherently strong polyamide material will withstand the toughest environments.

Chemical Compatibility
Polyamide is compatible with all gear and mineral oils, most synthetic oils, and diesel fuel.

UV Resistant
Excellent weathering allowing it to withstand exposure to sun, rain, and other extreme conditions.

Indication Marks
Visually inspect and monitor the rate of accumulation of water in the oil sight glass.

Sediment Drainage
A sloped floor for better evacuation and resetting of the oil sight glass.

White Bottom
Provides a highly visible canvas and virtually magnifies the presence of sediment.


  • Transparent polyamide
  • Brass Hex nipple
  • Brass drain valve

Recommended Temperature Range

  • -40˚F to 200˚F
  • -40˚C to 93˚C

Maximum Operating Pressure

  • 65 psi
  • 4.48 bar

Chemical Compatibility
All gear and mineral oils and most synthetic oils

Available Options

  • 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ Hex nipples
  • 1oz and 3oz
  • 16oz and 32oz sizes
  • Available in acrylic
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Magnetic drain valve for collecting ferrous material
  • Pumps
  • Gearboxes
  • Storage Tanks
  • Fluid-Lubricated Machinery


Part # Description Overall Length Outside Diameter
DC-OSG1X250 1 oz x 1/4″ 3.0 in / 7.62 cm 1.72 in / 4.37 cm
DC-OSG1X375 1 oz x 3/8″ 3.0 in / 7.62 cm 1.72 in / 4.37 cm
DC-OSG1X500 1 oz x 1/2″ 3.0 in / 7.62 cm 1.72 in / 4.37 cm
DC-OSG3X250 3 oz x 1/4″ 3.15 in / 6.35 cm 2.50 in / 6.35 cm
DC-OSG3X375 3 oz x 3/8″ 3.15 in / 6.35 cm 2.50 in / 6.35 cm
DC-OSG3X500 3 oz x 1/2″ 3.15 in / 6.35 cm 2.50 in / 6.35 cm

High Volume Vertical Acrylic Sizes

Part # Description Outside Diameter Length from Last Thread
DC-OSG16X500 16 oz x 1/2″ 5 in / 12.70 cm 3.5 in / 8.89 cm
DC-OSG32X500 32 oz x 1/2″ 5 in / 12.70 cm 4.5 in / 11.43 cm
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