The RMF Systems Giant Off-line Unit is especially designed for industrial hydraulic and lubrication systems. The Giant can be equipped with additional components for Condition Monitoring, such as the CMS (Contamination Monitoring Sensor), the OQS (Oil Quality Sensor) and the OQD (Oil Quality Display). The electrical control box is already prepared for these additions.

RMF Giant Off-Line Unit


The Giant can be used on hydraulic power units, lube and oil tanks, large gearboxes and storage tanks for biodegradable fluids. Industries that are successfully applying “The Giant” include: steel industry, marine industry, automotive industry, pulp & paper industry

  • Reduces solid particle contamination
  • Maintains excellent cleanliness levels
  • Reduces water contamination
  • Reduces machine downtime
  • Reduces oxidation of the oil
  • Extends the machines useful life
  • Reduces cost of ownership

Did You Know…

Maintaining clean oil

Contamination is the greatest single cause of lubrication malfunction and subsequent excessive wear of parts?

Moisture contamination

Less than 0.5% of a plant’s maintenance budget is spent purchasing lubricants, but the downstream effects of poor lubrication can impact as much as 30% of a plant’s total maintenance cost each year.

Moisture contamination

It costs ten times as much to remove contamination from equipment than it does to exclude it?


Dimensions H x W x D 1225 x 581 x 290 mm
Weight 115kg
Power Supply all 50/60Hz 3ph 230/400 VAC, 400/690 VAC, 200/346 VAC
Connections Suction Return 1 ½” SAE 3.000 psi / 205 Bar
Power Rate 2,2 kW (standard)
Flow Rate Approx. 80 l/min (depending on frequency)
Viscosity Range 12-800 cSt
Pump Safety Valve 15 bar
Max Return Pressure 1 bar
Fibre Glass Elements 1, 3, 6, 12, 25 micron
Water Absorbing Element Material Super absorbent polymer, combined with fiber glass A6, A12
Element Change 3,5 bar with pressure difference switch (with indicator on control box)
Unit Seal All viton seals
Element Seal Must be specified
Extra Options Optional CMS, OQS, OQD
Control Box Fully equipped control box with on/off, motor protection relais, filter saturation alarm, 24VDC power supply for CMS and OQS unit
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