RMF Systems is the solution to oil cleanliness, conditioning and monitoring for all types of machinery in practically every industry. We have built a solid reputation and our systems are being used in an extensive range of hydraulic applications all over the world.

Contaminated oil is the number 1 source of malfunctions in mobile and industrial applications. The extensive RMF program attacks all kinds of contamination, whether it be particle, water or air borne. Clean oil prolongs the life of machinery, increases fluid service life, reduces machine down time for both maintenance and malfunctions, and reduces cost – which in turn increases your profits.

Our wide range of products consists of Desiccant Breathers, Filter Systems, Vacuum Dehydration Units, Filter Elements and Condition Monitoring. To meet temporary requests for additional capacity we offer rental equipment that can optionally be operated by our service engineers.

RMF Systems is registered, designed, developed and produced in-house.


RMF Systems is committed to designing, manufacturing and supplying world leading, innovative solutions in the field of oil cleanliness and monitoring. Our goal is to maximise equipment availability in a wide range of markets by significantly improving oil cleanliness resulting in increased oil and machine life.

Our commitment to continuous research and development from our dedicated team of engineers has delivered solutions that significantly reduce the whole life cost of equipment whilst benefiting the environment for future generations.


RMF Systems is aware of the impact of its activities on the environment. The challenge we undertake is to responsibly manage and reduce this impact. We try to limit, control and recycle our waste as much as possible. We also try to efficiently engineer our designs in order to cut emissions and be cost effective at the same time.

All RMF products are aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of our customers as they improve the quality of hydraulic oil resulting in reducing harmful emissions. Early 2014 RMF Systems received an official ISO14001 certificate for their operations.

In 2014 RMF Systems joined a LCA pilot of Rabobank and Ecochain. Ecochain calculated RMF’s environmental footprint and shared the results. The outcomes are currently being investigated to see how we can take this further to keep improving our footprint.